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Here you can download a trial version of the latest version of DBFossil. It is a 30 day trial version with some limits on special functions and modules. After that you can register for a full version.
Please see -› here for ordering information.

dbfossil new version

Download DBFossil:

DBFossil, Version 4.2 from 2009-03-22
(30 day trial version - Download from my other website: http://www.squatina.de)

Documentation, Version 2 (ca. 1Mb)

Documentation, Version 1 (ca. 300kb)

Update DBFossil:
From version 4.x :

DBFossil is easy to update if the major version number stays the same. Simply override the executable application file (DBFossil.exe) with the new downloaded version.

From version 3.x :

If the major version number changed usually the structure of the underlying database has been changed too. For this reason mostly it is necessary to use a small program to convert your old data structure into the new database structure.

  • This update costs 15 EURO
Please use the order form and type in the field comment 'Update'.

Special thanks to:  
P. DE SCHUTTER - Belgium
M. FENGLER - Germany
P. ZENNARO - France

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