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DBFossil has changed during the last years. Grown from a two page application, main tab and search tab, to a multi screen application many functions and tools are added. A small list of main changes are listed below.
Version 4.2
  • bugfixes in printouts
Version 4.1
  • bugfixes in printouts
  • bugfix in fossil description
  • faster startup of DBFossil
Version 4.0
  • new layout and new icons
  • different fossil lists on fossil tab
  • new fields in fossil record
  • new fields in location record
  • new fields in storage record
  • size and position of forms are saved
  • grouping of fossils
  • search algorithm completely rewritten

Version 3.2
  • bugfixes in printouts
Version 3.1
  • bugfixes in tour diary
  • faster closing of fossil images overview
Version 3.0
  • complete new design for storage with treeview
  • complete new design for literature, many new fields
  • manage your own tour diary, including images and notes
  • list all fossils as images from taxonomy tree view
  • list all fossils as images from selected stratigraphy
  • list all fossils as images from selected location
  • list all fossils as images from selected storage
  • switch from fossil page to stratigraphy or location page with linked data
  • import and export of data

Version 2.3.3
  • bugfixes in printouts
Version 2.3.2
  • scrolling images in own window
  • resizing window with image
  • show both images if adding image named twice
  • data import / export
  • bugfixes in printouts
Version 2.3.1
  • use of trialversion without time limit
  • bugfixes
Version 2.3
  • fullscreen of search result for bigger view
  • printing all fossils on tabsheet fossil
  • bugfixes
Version 2.2.1
  • filter on stratigraphy and location stay in allocation forms with fossil
  • printing a fossil is reprogrammed
  • printing a location added
  • bugfixes
Version 2.2
  • now included: Memory game with your fossil images
  • printing labels for fossils in different sizes including image
  • taxanomie-treeview can be used for filtering fossils in search result
  • sorting search result is faster
  • tabsheet search values has now 'Default' button for default setting
Version 2.1
  • taxanomie-treeview for showing relationship of fossils
  • selecting stratigrafie in tree view shows data on right side
  • selecting location in tree view shows data on right side
  • scrolling in literature like in fossils after search
  • showing random fossil goes faster
  • rename data of fields for spelling correction
  • bugfixes
Version 2.0
  • major part was to divide data of stratigraphy and locations
  • search form with more options ('not' option, sorting data)
  • new statistic form
  • better look and feel
  • bugfixes

Version 1.3
  • bugfixes
Version 1.2
  • french language added
  • option menu
  • bugfixes
Version 1.1
  • search results now on new sheet
  • new arrangement of search params
  • application is multi-lingual, german and english
  • print search results
  • many bugfixes

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