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To develop a software which is easy to use, complex in structure and flexible as DBFossil takes a long time. DBFossil has taken more than two years so far to develop and it will be continually improved in the future. Therefore I can't give it away for free, but I believe the purchase price is low and fair. Once you have purchased DBFossil you can always download and use the newest version for free. Simply override the old "DBFossil.exe" with the new downloaded "DBFossil.exe" in the packed file.

Order DBFossil:

A full licence of DBFossil costs 30 EURO *

(An update from version 3.x of DBFossil costs 15 EURO*)

Please fill out following form to place an order of a full licence or an update. You will recieve a confirmation email with bank account data for money transfer. After receiving your money you will get your personalized licence file via email generated out of the data entered in this form. Your data will be handled confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

(* = required)
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Until today more than 80 private users from 14 different countries worldwide and three museums have registered for DBFossil.

Users of DBFossil:
Museo Geologico in Italy
Paläontologisches Museum Nierstein
Dechenhöhle Iserlohn, Germany
Bürgermeister Müller Museum Solnhofen, Germany

* All prices are total prices and don't include VAT ( § 19 (1) UStG )
( Alle angegebenen Preise verstehen sich als Endpreise und sind gemäß § 19 (1) UStG mehrwertsteuerfrei )

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