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System requirements
  • 3 MB of harddisk for program files
  • Free space on harddisk for your pictures
  • Installed Acrobat Reader (Version 6 and higher) for print previews
  • OS: Windows 2000, WinXP, Windows 2003, Vista
  • (Runs on an Intel Pentium III with 800MHz and 256 MB RAM)
Functions and options
  • Manage your fossils (no limit on attaching pictures)
  • Manage your own stratigraphic time table
  • Manage your locations (no limit on attaching pictures)
  • Manage your literature (including books, pdfs, papers)
  • Manage the storage of your collection
  • Manage your own tour diary with pictures and many memos

  • Search the database (many functions included)
  • Search the database using your own SQL query

  • Print fossil, location, literature and search results
  • Print labels for your fossils in different sizes (option: including picture)

  • Pictures are in separate direcories, not in database
  • Show fossils in a selected stratigraphy, location or storage
  • Data export
  • Database statistic
  • Rename field names to fit your needs
  • Taxonomy tree view over your fossil collection
  • Showing a random fossil
  • Game 'Memory' with your fossil pictures
Supported languages
  • German
  • English
  • French
You can also query or export the database or create your own printouts with MS ACCESS or any other software. But if you change data DBFossil might not work anymore.

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